Bristol Business Fizz Pop Science And Covid 19

For some of us, our grandparents would have told us stories of War and hardship. As a youngster I would tentatively sit and listen to stories they would tell and feel somewhat protected that this would not happen to us. And yet here we are, although we are not in a human war, we are in a war against those smallest of zombie like lifeforms – Viruses; tiny lifeless spheres with a little code in it that survives and replicates, the world it moves through is host to it, and allows it to replicate itself within it, this world? our human cells.

So many people affected and so many lives lost that should still be with us and others still left with long term damage. Businesses destroyed and livelihoods wrecked! Fizz Pop Science and all that work here have also been through all this and FIzz Pop Science itself has been holding on for dear life. The passion to keep Fizz Pop Alive has been the key ingredient to dragging it through the pandemic and hoping that we will make it to the other side.
The other side now seems to be showing itself, right now maybe just a small ray of light, enough for us to run towards and bask in the tiniest drops of positivity the light provides. For us here at Fizz Pop Science we plan to get going again as soon as possible and do our best to make sure we keep everyone safe as we hope to move forward in a world with this new coronavirus, but one where many will be protected and vaccinated giving us all as a society a level of protection that allows this evil virus to be managed.
Going forward all our science kits will be designed to avoid any unnecessary sharing or where this is still needed to make sure the science kits are still fun and inspiring, full cleaning of any shared products will be maintained. All kits will be cleaned through before use and after, instructors will use face shields, and if needed to go close to a child can adorn a mask where appropriate. Full risk assessment can be seen here.
Children, teachers, club leaders etc. will all be protected and looked after so the fun science can be the priority as it was before.
Getting back to some kind of normal is the best thing for us all now, we have all done our pat, and now we can start to build for the future and eventually tell our grandchildren tales of hardship and how we endured and looked after each other as a society, making sure a future was still possible.

To get our parties going again we are offering ‘X%’ discounts and will also look at discounting as best we can workshops for schools. But one thing is for sure, we are back, and we are incredibly excited about getting back to work, bringing Fizz Pop Science back to children of the UK and EXPERIMENT!, DISCOVER!, INSPIRE! as many children as possible with amazing hands on, fun science!