Comet Ison – Was It A Let Down

Comet Ison brought much hype to the worlds media and many people globally were out looking at the sky’s waiting for some breathe taking scenes but and it is a big but – Comet Ison burnt out by the sun was what the worlds media referred to as a major flop.

Comet Ison we thought was something that the media moguls picked on from the beginning with some hope that it would be a major comet that would light up the night skies.

The day after though the media put the comet down as a failure and some even referred to it as a flop.

We think any comet is a great thing and the more we can learn about comets and how we can protect earth from anything that may cause damage to our great planet is wise.

So when do we expect the next big comet? Well we reckon that we can relax for around 23 years before the asteroid Apophis is here. Maybe the media will have a field day with that one as well.

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