Fizz Pop Science is a company  that was set up by David Reed (aka Rocket), an experienced and friendly individual with many years of experience in organising science parties and scientific shows.

United we believe that every child matters, and that what we deliver is extremely important in affecting our children’s decisions for their future and of course our own to, after all one day they will be looking after us so it is important that children grow up with the right values and principles.

Our company objective is a simple yet effective one –

“To make fun and inspiring science affordable and accessible to everyone”

Steve Colin

To you we bring a wide variety of different science programmes and unique 1 off science experiences that can be witnessed by any and every child. With free shows for schools, after school clubs, and a whole host more science related events you can be rest assured that you are in the right hands with Fizz Pop Science.

Every employee (Fizz Pop Scientist) is vetted and has an undeniable passion for what we do which runs through the whole organisation here at Fizz Pop. Every science programme that we offer is continually updated and improved with creative ideas and flair that ensures we continue to lead from the forefront of the science entertainment industry. After all Science is important to us all!

Our team are mainly scientists, teachers and actors so we have a lot of experience when it comes to making our science parties FUN and always ensure the FUN and WOW factor every time.

Need to know more? Contact one of our friendly team NOW.

Steve Colin