Greenland – What Lies Beneath

Big scientific discoveries are yet to be found from underneath the depths of the waters that lie beneath what is a very snowy Greenland.

Despite grand attempts from many explorers drilling and looking for new species and items it is thought that thousands of new things will be found in the depths of over 100 billion tonnes and 27.000 square miles of water.

Every litre is buried beneath what could be ice that is over 160 feet deep in places. Many over the years have thought that we have had a good handle on what lies beneath the murky depths of the water but it is believed that we have not even touched the surface.

“We thought we had an understanding of how things work in Greenland, but here is this entire storage system of water we didn’t realize was there,” said Richard Forster, lead study author and a glaciologist at the University of Utah.

Here at Fizz Pop science we are keeping a close eye on all of the developments of this wonderful project and will continue to update our valued readers with any news that arises as quickly as we can.

Can you imagine just how much could be discovered?