Is Illness Mind Over Matter?

Ever had an illness?

Ever felt like you needed a doctor?

Many people are ill, in fact there is illness everywhere you look from a simple common cold right through to the most advanced cancer there is and everyone deals with feeling ill in different ways.

Many with a common cold will ride the storm for a few days and let the body’s natural defenses set to work in getting rid of the nasty bacteria.

Out of these people some will go on to get much worse symptoms that could lead to chest infections and all sorts of wonderful illnesses that could mean a need for medication to help the person defeat the illness.

Scientists have recently proven that not everyone needs any medication. An experiment has been run (many times) giving a number of people dummy tablets and the same number of people real medication.

The people with the dummy tablets have in many cases got better quicker that those that had the real medication.

So how is that?

The mind has the ability to control the body and therefore when we are given something that makes us think we are going to get better the “mind over matter” subject raises it head.

Currently scientists are researching how the mind works and how we can utilise that to make things better for the human race as time develops.

More to follow soon 🙂