Kids Parties Dover

Kids Party Entertainers in Dover

Looking for ideas for kids parties in Dover?

We are kid’s party entertainers that have already done many parties in and around Dover with great success. Now you may be asking yourself what is so special about Fizz Pop Science so let us try to explain.

Firstly our many years in business has been based on making sure that every party that we host is built from the ground up on the fun aspects of a party.

If you couple that with the fact that our party entertainers are fully insured, CRB vetted and also trained to the highest standards and you already have a menu for a fantastic party. Add to that the fact that a science party is not what any child ever expects which means it carries a great surprise element and you will probably understand why we say we should be your only call.

We also know that at this point you are probably thinking it is going to be expensive, can I afford it? Well, now, that is the icing on the cake because not only will we save you a small fortune on a traditional party with venue, DJ and food etc but we will also clean up after as well.

Call us if you have any problems using the contact page to find you local contact and see if we can offer you a party with the “WOW” factor.