Kids Parties – Is Less More?

Imagine turning up a party that you have been looking forward to and finding a trampoline, bouncy castle, bull fighting, big games corner, disco and a few other distractions too.

Now think about what you would do? Maybe go to the trampoline first followed by food, onto the bull fighting and then settle down for some music before the party finishes.

Now if you have 2000 guests that may be ok and you would get value for money from each part or event that is taking place but the average party has around 30-50 guests.

So the age old saying of less is more is true. Having a party with 1 or 2 pieces is going to be way better as you will be able to focus your guests on each part individually meaning that each guest has a fair chance to have fun and enjoy themselves.

There is a “run of the mill” attitude to parties so if you are looking for something different and unique a science party could be exactly what you are looking for.

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