Make a Volcano

Using a simple plastic container you could amaze your friends by making and showing make-your-own-volcanothem a volcano that you have created.

This one is quite messy so it is wise to either do it outside or make sure you put lots of newspaper down on the floor or table first.

Now to do this you will only need a few basic ingredients many of which should already be available to you at home. If not the ingredients will be sold in any supermarket and shouldn’t cost you too much.


Baking Soda (not baking powder)


Plenty of Cloths or Paper Towels

A Good Sized Plastic Container


We suggest placing the baking soda in the plastic container so that it is around a third full. Then all you need to do is pour in the vinegar and watch what happens. You should have an array of foam oozing over the sides of your plastic container in literally seconds.

To make it even more fun you could look at building a volcano that has a waterproof inside so that it looks even more fantastic. This could make for a very creative afternoon and could result in some great results from your friends faces.