Make Eggs Float In Water

Did you know that if you put an egg in water it will immediately sink to the bottom?hard-boiled-or-raw

So how would you like to impress your friends by making an egg float in water?

It really is pretty simple and you will only need a few things which you should be able to find at home quite easily.


1 Egg

1 Tall Glass

1 Teaspoon

6 Tablespoons of Salt

Tap Water


Firstly fill the glass with around half a glass full of normal tap water. Once you have done this you will need to take the 6 tablespoons of salt and put them into the glass. Mix the salt with the water for around 15-20 seconds by simply stirring it with the teaspoon. Once you have stirred the water you will need to carefully fill up the rest of the glass with more tap water but only to around 2 inches from the top. When doing this do it slowly as you will find that you will disturb the salt water beneath if it is not done properly.

Once you have filled the glass settle it down on a top somewhere gently. Then take the egg and place it in the glass gently using the spoon. Once you have removed the spoon the egg should be floating in the water.

The salt makes the water at the bottom half of the glass heavier and therefore gives you the ability to float an egg in water.

Make sure you tell us if you have made it happen or you could even record it and send it to us so that we can put it up on the website.