Make Fake Snot

Now this one sounds like fun doesn’t it? Making fake snot could make you the envy of all of your fellow pupils, friends or even family members. It really is quite easy as well as disgustingly gross. Imagine your friends learning how to make snot with you and how much fun you could have doing it. Well below we tell you exactly what you need and how to make it.


A Cup

Boiling Water (take extreme care with this)

Corn Syrup


A Fork and

A Teaspoon.


Now that you have your ingredients the process really is quite simply. Start by filling the cup half way with boiling water. Now add 3 teaspoons of the gelatin to the boiling water. Now you will need to let the gelatin soften before you start to stir it with a fork. You now need to take the corn syrup and add about a quarter of a cups worth. Now stir the mixture with your fork again and you will see that some fairly long strands have started to form giving you your snot. As the mixture cools down you can also add small amounts of water and stir to make the snot less dense and more like real bogeys.

Show that to your friends and you will bring fun to the party every time.