Make Invisible Ink

Ever wanted to play a game of spies or possibly something to do with a secret agency?mad-science-entertainer

We know that every child has a run away imagination but with the right tools you can stimulate their energy and imagination even further.


  • Half a Lemon

  • Water

  • Spoon

  • Bowl

  • Cotton Bud

  • White Plain Paper

  • Lamp or Some Other Type Of Light Bulb


Now you have all of the ingredients you will be able to write invisibly for your co spies :).

Firstly you need to add the lemon juice and a teaspoon of water to a bowl and mix it together with the spoon.

Once you have done this you can then use the cotton bud to write any message on the plain paper using the mix of lemon juice and water. You now need to leave this to dry completely so that your message is completely invisible.

When someone wants to read the message all they need to do is hold the paper near to a lamp or bright light so that the paper heats up and shows the invisible message underneath.