Science Parties In Wiltshire

Wiltshire childrens parties that are different but great!

If you are looking for a science party in Frome or anywhere in Wiltshire you are in the right place. Our party entertainers are CRB vetted, friendly, and professional but more importantly want to have just as much fun as your party guests.Party Entertainers Birmingham

We bring something different to the table that your child will never expect. But what makes our offering unique is that the whole party is also educational but the children never even cotton on.

Our host can be there for an hour or 3 and we can make it messy or keep it clean so your party is literally bespoke from the word go. This ensures that you get exactly what you need and how you need it.

So if you are looking for a party that is different whilst being affordable and educational simply call our party entertainers NOW. Call us if you have any problems using the contact page to find you local contact.


  • April 2010 saw a large hoard of 3rd century roman coins found in a field near Frome
  • Wiltshire is where the worlds oldest photograph was taken – Lacock Abbey by William Fox Talbot.
  • Frome in old English means fair, fine or brisk and describes the flow of the River Frome