Science Party Children’s Entertainer In Bristol

Are you looking for a science party or science workshop in Bristol?

Would you like to offer your child something completely different?

Fizz Pop Science offer party entertainment that is engaging, educational and more importantly it’s very different to the run of the mill clown or magician that many have come to expect. It brings about a feeling of “what is next” and WOW factor like you would not believe.Party Entertainers Birmingham


We have been doing science parties for many years and have built an enviable reputation for great things. Every party is unique and guarantees fun whilst education is at the heart of what we do.

Your child will go to school and won’t stop talking about what they have learnt for a long time. We can offer a party that lasts for a minimum of an hour or even go on to accommodate more time if needed with our great extras.

We can make it messy or you can get the children smelling of roses as every party is unique to your needs and what your child wants.

No matter what your needs are we offer a party that will get heads spinning and keep he audience coming back for more every time. Call us if you have any problems using the contact page to find you local contact.


  • Russell Brand, Justin Lee Collins and the famous Harry Potter author JK Rowling come from Bristol.
  • In 2008, Bristol was awarded the “Best City In The UK And Ireland” award by the Academy of Urbanism
  • The first chocolate bar in the world was created right in Bristol. Joseph Fry invented the delicious treat around the year 1720,