Science Week 2018 – Exploration and Discovery

With Science Week 2018 on the horizon for March next year we are sure that many of you will be wondering what to do. This year’s theme is “Science and Discovery” and with an array of wonderful science workshops that can help cover this theme for many different ages we know that we can help you inspire young children and leave them wanting to learn more about science. A science workshop dedicated to ensuring that children learn through captivating and invigorating exercises will ensure a win-win formula for all.

We have a variety of science workshops that will easily work within your science week from “Roaring Rockets in 3…2…1…Blast Off”!, Discovering fun ways to get around in our “Transport Workshop”, or even finding out about strange things in our “What On Earth Is That Workshop”!

There are also many more options that will make your day that extra special. As an added extra why not start the day with an ‘Air Mazing’ show as we use air to try and get us into space in a Tim Peake themed 30 minute Science Show.

As you can see here at Fizz Pop Science we do everything we can to ensure that any science week is amazing and will make sure that children learn whilst having masses of fun. Creative play and a pre-vetted host will give you an amazing science week no matter what time of year it is.

Contact our mad scientists (well not too mad) for more information today by clicking here to get the details of your local Fizz Pop Science Branch.