Stab A Straw Through A Potato

Now we hear you asking how could you physically stab a straw straight through a potato and we are here to answer that question for you.potato-straw


1 x Potato

2 x Stiff Drinking Straws

1 x Pair Of Scissors (Make Sure You Have An Adult Present)


Well firstly we want you to take the first straw and try stabbing it through the potato by holding it by the sides not the ends. It crumpled didn’t it?

Now lets try it again but this time firstly let’s cut the straw into 2 so that it is shorter.

All you need to do now you have half of the straw is cover one of the holes at the top of the straw and then stab it through the potato. There you go as if by magic you have stabbed a straw through a potato.