Terms & Conditions – Schools

Booking Arrangements:

  • We welcome schools to book our After School Clubs early. We are limited on resources and we know every school has their own preferences.
  • A FREE* Show will be booked in for your school. This is a 30minute interactive show, that fits best into your normal school assembly. These are designed to be entertaining and informative for the whole school.
  • A conformation email will be sent to you / your school for you to check the details.
  • We will also send you an overview of our proposed after school club, which will contain details of the sessions we propose and the dates.
  • Whilst our team have a record of our previous experiences with you / your school it is important that you inform us of any other science activities that you may have had previously as this will help us to bring something new to your school.
  • We do not charge schools (unless a breach of the below conditions is made). Where a breach of conditions occurs a travel charge of 60ppm will be applied to the cost of the show. Travel will be calculated from your closest office.

In Advance:

  • In order for our staff to prepare fully we will require a confirmed number of pupils on your roll. This will ensure we bring enough resources to your event.
  • Where possible we will provide you with the name and contact number for the Fun Science Presenter prior to our arrival, for emergency contact.
  • Our shows last for 30minutes. We recommend ensuring that your pupils are ready for the show at the specified start time to avoid over running.
  • All of our shows require a table, and access to a power socket. For some shows we also require access to water, the room to be darkened, or even a minimum space requirement. Please advise our sales team if you are unable to provide any of these as it will restrict the equipment we can bring.

On The Day:

  • You will have one of our instructors who will come highly trained and vetted.
  • Under no circumstance should our instructors be requested to assist pupils with going to the toilet / or feeding.
  • We welcome teachers to stay throughout our shows, and we are able to assist with further learning based on your show should you request.
  • We are happy for schools to photograph / film our shows for use within your school ONLY. Under no circumstances should these images be placed on the internet.** (***).

After The Show:

  • After the show our Fun Science Presenter should gave a pile of our enrichment letters to either the organising teacher / or the school office. These will unless otherwise requested be presented in piles of 30.
  • It is important that these letters go out on the day of the show (unless the show is at the end of the day where they will need to go out the following day). This is because they have printed material with specifics for individual dates. Failure to distribute these enrichments would class as a breach of contract.
  • To reduce the admin load on the school, we simply ask that the school collects the returns from these slips (and where applicable any payment). We simply need these to be piled in the order that they are received (in case we have to cap the class).
  • Our classes are designed for a group of 15 – 20 pupils. We can however take a minimum class size of 10, and a maximum class size of 25. After 25 we will where possible send a second instructor to run a second class.
  • Where it is not possible to send a second instructor we will look to reschedule the dates for a second class, or if this is not possible inform the parents that were unsuccessful this time.
  • At the deadline date we will collect the return slips from the school office and produce a register that will be emailed to the school for your reference.

The After School Club:

  • The after school club will take place on the predetermined dates, as agreed prior to the show.
  • Fizz Pop Science will endeavour to make sure you have the same presenter(s) at every session during the course of the club.
  • Our presenter(s) will arrive no later than 15minutes prior to the start time.
  • Our presenter(s) will require a classroom / or suitable space, per class that is running in your school. (We can use a sports hall, however we would prefer access to a classroom, as the immediate and ready access to table and chairs, significantly supports the learning).
  • The presenter(s) do not require a teacher to remain in the class with them. We are however happy for teachers to stay if they want to. (We do kindly request that if teachers do stay, they avoid having conversations, as this disrupts the flow of learning).
  • We appreciate the support of teachers when sending the children home. However it is very important that our presenter confirms that each child goes home with their detailed collector (as per our registers).
  • Our presenters have the right to work in a safe environment without fear / threat of violence. Our Presenters can reasonably request that any child that is causing a disturbance / a danger / or disruption is controlled or removed. If this does not happen the presenter may cease the presentation until the situation is resolved or if the situation calls for it may terminate the presentation.
  • In the event Fizz Pop Science has to cancel one of the sessions, we will give the school as much notice as possible. We will also contact the parents of the participants to inform them. We will work with your school to reschedule the session as quickly and as conveniently as possible.
  • Where the After School Club is cancelled by the school for whatever reason (e.g emergency works at the school / the weather) it is at the discretion of your local Fizz Pop Science office to reschedule the session. In these cases it may be that we have to reschedule during the school day / during the lunch hour. Dependant on the availability of instructors.


*The shows cost £130 (+ VAT where applicable). However we offer these to schools free of charge in good faith for the school offering out our services. By booking a show you are agreeing to be bound by these terms.

** Aside from the child safety aspect, it is very important to protect our staff and our presentation techniques.

***We would however be grateful if you could send us copies of any video / photographs that you may have as this helps us to appraise our staff.