Why Science?

Science is something that helps many people and things in everyday life.

We use science to test medicines, deodrants, make things, better things, improve things, understand things better and so much more.

Science is to some one of the most boring subjects that exists but to others science is fun, engaging, creative and way better than mathematics. It really depends on what you do with science and how you use it.

Science saves lives and gives us an in depth view of many things that you or I would never think of. No matter what we discuss, science is somewhere behind it. We use science to educate young children (and adults too) and we do it in a fun and captivating way that induces children to smile and enjoy themselves for many hours.

Science is a key foundation subject that everyone will come into contact with at some point so we believe science is one of the best subjects to understand because it covers such a variety of different things.

Science is cool there is no doubt about it.