Fizz Pop Science believe that Science in the home is just as important as at the school. So we set about looking around for the best Science toys, Science kits and educational toys. From Chemistry Sets to Dinosaurs toys and Robots, we believe some of the Science Toys below are some of the best (Side link to left is varied so use to browse for a larger range of Science toys). We have made our job a little easier by using Amazon as they have an unparalleled variety of products, with reviews, and of course their market dominance means great prices can also be found. So if you are looking for a Science Toys or gadgets as a gift or as a surprise for the kids' sleep over (other parents won't believe you when you tell them they all stayed up late doing Science!) then this is a great place to find some great Science Toys Ideas for both Girls and Boys. Below the next few paragraphs of advise is the selection of the Best Science Gifts and Ideas I could find, about 27 ideas in all, I hope these Science gifts are perfect for children who love science. I know if I had all these I would be a very happy chappy.