Show Themes

A ‘FREE SCIENCE SHOW‘is available for every primary school within certain areas as long as you allow us to offer an after school club. Each year we will provide the school with a different free show.

Shows are also available at £130 for 30 minutes or £200 for 1hr.

Below are the 30 minute show descriptions. If you are interested in the 1hr shows please contact us know and we will be happy to give you more details.

Flying Without Wings (Air 1) – (KS1-2)

Using Science knowledge and air to make objects levitate! Make a rocket pop, fly and spin! Learn about how flight and air interact in interesting ways with all our fun flying objects in this high energy show based around air.

Bernoulli’s Air Show (Air2) – (KS1-2)

Air does not like to be different it like’s to be the same! We find out a little about Bernoulli’s principle as we experiment with air to see how it whooshes and swooshes around, and how it is always trying to be the same as the air around it. With HUGE smoke circles, a balloon called Bob and a piece of science equipment from our cooker that goes pop!

Science Friction Show – (KS1-2)

We will go on a journey of Science investigation as we learn about friction. From rubbing hands together, to *Dalek Plungers we learn how friction is helpful for us to grip and grab. Then we show you the best way to clear a table as we get someone up to help clear the breakfast table, but that’s after we make them wear antennae and go on a spin! We finish by showing how we can remove friction from our big wooden board by adding blasts of air that will allow us to drag a teacher or pupil around the floor with our home made hover board. Science at its best, enjoyable for All age groups. (*We have no affiliation with the Dr. Who franchise, this is just a very bad impersonation of a Dalek)

Nice cold Ice Cold Science – (KS1-2)

Evaporate, Melt and Sublimate… this is sublime science. From screaming plates to bubbling potions and even some spooky effects using ‘DRY ICE’. Chillingly good fun as we learn about solids, liquids and gasses.

1-2-3-4 Reaction Action! – (KS1-2)

What are the signs of a chemical reaction…? Can the audience choose the chemical reaction over the physical reaction? Children will be mesmerised as we make colour changes, temperature changes and more in this highly reactional show.

What On Earth Is That? Show! – (KS1-2)

Let’s find out ‘What On Earth Is That?’ with this fun filled Science show that looks at very simple looking materials. Find out how a material similar to paper can completely disappear in a flash, or how two white powders can be completely opposite as one drinks a lot more water than the other. The grand finale, the highly flammable gas explosion!

Science Bubble Show- (KS1-2)

The amazing Science Bubble Show will dazzle children as they find out about some of the Science that create bubbles. What are they made of, how you can make HUGE bubbles and how you can even make thousands of little ones. With a foaming chemical reaction to finish this show has it all.

Science of Fireworks Show- (KS1-2) NEW

In development.