Pre School/Nursery (Ages 3-5)

Preschool and Nursery Science Workshops


‘Air’Mazing Air – R and KS1 (1hr)                                                                        (Physics)
Explore the wonderful world of air in this fun-filled workshop. Investigate how air make things move with our super air rocket and levitating balls and we will create giant smoke circles! Includes make your own spinning copter as we see how air can make things spin.

Rainbow Bubbles – R and KS1 (1hr) + (Nursery 45mins)                        (Chemistry, Biology)
Reveal the secret of white light when we see rainbows in the classroom. Play with special touchable bubbles and create your own bubbles with a fizzy chemical reaction!

Transport Workshop – R – KS1 – KS2 (1hr)                                                   (Physics)
Extreme transport, we look at why a hot air balloon rises up and launch a rocket skywards as we learn about the basics of forces within this fun workshop. Make your own straw rocket and *Paper Stunt Plane. And even see how we can move a teacher around on our homemade hover-board. (*Stunt paper planes turn and spin KS2 only)