Workshop and Shows T&C’s

You are invited to make your workshop booking as early as possible to avoid disappointment.

  • Please call to check the date availability. After conformation of a date and times a booking form will be emailed through to you (or posted if you do not have access to the internet). An invoice will also follow with payment terms.
  • Workshop dates and times are then fixed. If however your circumstances change, please let us know as soon as possible and we will do our best to change to meet your needs.
  • A balance payment for your workshop will be required no later than 10 days before your event. If you have any problems meeting this payment in time due to school policies for example, please let us know so we can accommodate.
  • Payments are non-refundable however we will endeavour to accommodate date and time changes where possible.
  • Any changes to the workshop arrangements will be made in writing from the management to the customer.
  • Travel to and from your event is typically charged at 50 pence per mile for any portion of our Fizz Pop Scientists journey outside of a 10 mile radius (from your nearest office). Currently we cover most of the UK.
  • In order to pack for your workshop it is important that we have an exact number of attendees at least 5 days prior to the workshop. If we do not hear from you we will assume that the final number is that stated on your initial booking. Workshops can have up to a maximum of 30 children and will require supervision from any usual from classroom assistance.
  • Once booked you will be sent a conformation, detailing exactly what you will be getting from us. It will also give you a provisional Fizz Pop Scientist’s name if the workshop date is less than 14 days away.
  • 7 days before, you will have your Fizz Scientists details confirmed, including their Contact Number and their name.
  • We have a variety of Workshop/Show presentations. All shows require a table for us to present our equipment from. Most shows will also require access to a power point, and water. Some shows will also require that the room can be darkened. Please let us know during your booking if any of the above can NOT be fulfilled.